Friday, December 6, 2013

All about us!

As we continue to work on our websites there is a page where students can put in their interests, hobbies and favorites.  While the older students have been using the yome avatar creator the 3rd graders are using a lego avatar create which is lots of fun.  I explain to the students that an avatar can be a representation of themselves instead of having to post a real picture of themselves.  They can make the avatar look anyway they want

Road to Reading

In first grade we "love" Clifford so as part of our activities the students participate in the road to reading  by following  a series of short online books and games that focus on phonics activities for young children.  Once they complete their journey they get a license to READ!

A new twist on tags

I used to have the 5th grade students do a project in microsoft word with using draw tools where they made gift tags.  I have now adapted this activity using google drive/ drawing.  This way they can still make tags and even print more off at home if they want.  It is a great time of year to introduce this activity.