Friday, January 30, 2015

Kindergarten with Mercer Mayer

Kindergarten has been busy this year being in the computer lab but now we are trying out our ipads.  They did great as they learned about Mercer Mayer and some of his books.  We picked an app called just me and my mom to introduce kindergarten students to the world of books on the ipad.  This one was great because it was interactive.  I had them click on the option to read to myself then they could tap on each word to read to them and tap on other things in the pages to see words.  There was also the challenge of finding a frog character on every page.  Having fun while they learn.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

All about 1st graders!!

Every year I like to have the students create something that gives me a little insight to some of their favorites. We used a program in the lab called kidspiration where I created a template and they filled in some of their favorite things. My favorite part of this project is where they create the small picture of themselves. Adorable! This project is a good one for developing the use of the paint tools, resizing graphics, changing font size and type, and dragging and dropping.