Sunday, February 23, 2014

First Graders using "Myon"

Our first graders got their 1st look at Myon this year.  We logged into their accounts and found a book that we liked to read on animals.  Myon is an electronic resource for ebooks.  The kids loved it.  They can read the books on their own or they can have the book read to them.  All students 
K-5  should have brought home a letter explaining Myon and a username and password they can use.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thank You PTO!!!!!!!

Wow are we lucky! Because we had such a successful bookfair in the fall the PTO gave us the proceeds to use in the rewards catalog and get all these fabulous books!  I tried to cover all of the bases, so I chose some curricular materials as well as some well loved and popular titles. Believe it or not this is $8,000.00 worth of titles.
THANKS PTO You're the Best!
The boxes are HERE!
1 side of the cart. Pete the cat , Little Critter & Geronimo Stilton also became part of EVE

Side 2 of the cart
Here are a few of the students favorite titles!

 These are some curricular titles that we added.
THANKS AGAIN PTO! Now we just have to stamp them and get them out for the kids to check out.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

"Your requests please"

In an attempt to see what books kids might enjoy that I don't already have I decided to create a sign with a QR code on it to have the students be able to scan and fill out a request form.  I have also put a link on my media center page and the parent page.  Check it out!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

1st grade using Show me

Since we started talking about the difference between fiction and non-ficition and parts of the book I had the first graders take of picture of their fiction book and using an app called show me.  They can import the picture and use the pens to underline the title,  circle the author and demonstrate what the call number would be.  With this app they can record their steps and voice over what they are doing.  The following are just the pictures but what a cool app.

4th grade Non-fiction and beanie babies

Believe it or not even I find it difficult to teach non-fiction but in an attempt to try and make it fun we are using some beanie babies to increase our learning about non-fiction in our library.  The kids get to pick out of a hat the name of a beanie baby.   They will then look up their beanie baby in our online card catalog and find a non-fiction book about their beanie baby.  Then they take an individual picture of the beanie, a selfie with their beanie and one of the beanie reading a book about themselves.  The kids find 3 facts about their animal and then use that along with their pictures to create an imovie.  Here is my collection of 68 beanie babies to choose from.  The next part is creating an imovie with some non-fiction facts about their animal.

Here are a couple of the cute pictures they take

Update on "I love to Read" month

What is it about the word "prizes".  It doesn't matter what it is or how small everybody wants to get one.  But I figure if a little "prize" incentive gets them reading it's worth it.  Here are a few pictures of our prizes that the kids get if they are caught reading.  The students get tickets for reading.  They put their name and teacher on the back and drop them into the bear jars. A couple of days during the week we draw names and they get to spin the wheel and pick a prize or 2.

3rd grade Author study using Pic Collage

In the 3rd grade we are using an app called Pic collage to create a visual poster to present our research about our authors.  The students choose an author from an identified list that is appropriate for 3rd grade and then they look for a picture of the author, a website of the author and 3 books by the author that possibly we have in the media center.  They also create a QR code with an app called Red Laser so that when the code is scanned it would bring the person right to the website.