Thursday, February 6, 2014

4th grade Non-fiction and beanie babies

Believe it or not even I find it difficult to teach non-fiction but in an attempt to try and make it fun we are using some beanie babies to increase our learning about non-fiction in our library.  The kids get to pick out of a hat the name of a beanie baby.   They will then look up their beanie baby in our online card catalog and find a non-fiction book about their beanie baby.  Then they take an individual picture of the beanie, a selfie with their beanie and one of the beanie reading a book about themselves.  The kids find 3 facts about their animal and then use that along with their pictures to create an imovie.  Here is my collection of 68 beanie babies to choose from.  The next part is creating an imovie with some non-fiction facts about their animal.

Here are a couple of the cute pictures they take

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