Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thank You PTO!!!!!!!

Wow are we lucky! Because we had such a successful bookfair in the fall the PTO gave us the proceeds to use in the rewards catalog and get all these fabulous books!  I tried to cover all of the bases, so I chose some curricular materials as well as some well loved and popular titles. Believe it or not this is $8,000.00 worth of titles.
THANKS PTO You're the Best!
The boxes are HERE!
1 side of the cart. Pete the cat , Little Critter & Geronimo Stilton also became part of EVE

Side 2 of the cart
Here are a few of the students favorite titles!

 These are some curricular titles that we added.
THANKS AGAIN PTO! Now we just have to stamp them and get them out for the kids to check out.

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