Thursday, May 28, 2015

4th grade projects with beanie babies

I love to make learning fun but sometimes it is just plain hard to teach a let's face it a not so interesting topic like the dewey decimal system.  So I decided to use beanie babies.  I had several just sitting around my house from my own children and I had some donated.  I decided hey these might be really useful to teach kids about non-fiction.  So we took a picture of the beanie by themselves, one of them with the student and one reading a book about themselves.  The students did some research about their animal using the destiny app to find their book about their animal and had to come up with 3 interesting facts .  They put the pictures in an imovie presentation recorded their 3 facts and then used an app called Chatterkid to create a talking animal describing where they would find them on the shelf.  It was a great activity to get kids to find the book and get a better understanding of non-fiction.
Scroll down to the bottom to see our finished projects!
Apps we used for this project
Here is some of our finished products!

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